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Bodescan is an innovative solution in 3D reconstruction of the human figure. It is a user-friendly, 3D rapid-response scanning device which yields high-quality results.


Bodescan generates a 3D copy of the human body in a few seconds


3D body scanning has been a challenge for years. Low-res scanning can be achieved in some ways (even with a Kinect), but high-quality 3D scanning for clothes design or body anthropometry is a much more challenging need. STT has gathered quite some experience since its first projects in the field, back in 2002, and now we can offer high-end scanning products like Bodescan.


Bodescan provides a highly accurate and dense point cloud

The main features of Bodescan are:

  • The scanning volume is 2100 mm high by 1200 mm wide and deep.
  • The point-cloud resolution is 0.5-2 per square mm.
  • Scanning time is around 12 seconds.
  • Processing time after scanning is around 4 to 6 seconds.
  • The result can be viewed immediately afterwards, and the user can toggle between mesh view and point-cloud view.
  • The software includes a database to manage the users and their scans.
  • The 3D object can be exported as OBJ, STL and other standard formats.
  • The measurements can be exported in ASCII, CSV and other formats.

Bodescan comprises three hardware items: the 3D scanning cabin (which has four scanning units and includes the shades or curtains), accessories (calibration tool, cabling, wooden step/platform) and a Windows computer with suitable specs. Bodescan is also the name of the acquisition and processing software.

The cabin is made up of an aluminum structure and the high-precision linear guides. STT engineers will take care of the installation, testing and calibration of the scanning units. The CPU can optionally be hidden so as to get a neater arrangement. The monitor could be set up on the side of the cabin.