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STT offers three systems for bike fitting and cycling analysis, and each one adrasses the biomechanical study in a different degree of detail. Some scenarios require a fast, simple analysis and others demand from the user a wealth of data.


Cycling 3DMA

Cycling 3DMA is the most versatile system available, as it provides a real-time, 3D full body analysis of the cyclist. It allows for a deep analysis of pedalling cycle, body posture and dynamic measures. It is also a valuable tool for re-training and assessment of cycling technique. Learn more.


EDDO biomechanics

Need a portable system but want to get 3D data? Then EDDO is your solution. Its three motion capture cameras are mounted on an aluminum bar, allowing for true 3D tracking while keeping the setup simple. EDDO is meant for a one-side analysis, but it tracks the markers in the lateral axis as well, making it superior to any video system. Learn more.



BikeFit is perfect for retailers and those who need a quick assessment on bike size, posture and motion. It is a 2D system which analyzes one side at a time giving the user good information for a bike fitting. The camera records at 50-60 FPS and the system handles the marker tracking and dynamic analysis automatically. Learn more.